Welcome to this.

Oh hi. I see you’ve found my website. I suspect this is going to be part of an unusually good day for you. Or, I suppose, for me. Let’s be honest. Not very many people know who I am. Yet? But that’ll change. Or it won’t, I guess. I’ll get a better idea who I am, though, and if you’d like to join me in the process, you’re quite welcome to follow along.

I don’t like boxes. Well, actually, I have a great deal of fun with boxes, but I don’t like being IN boxes. A former co-worker once told me she didn’t think I’d even know where to go look for the box if I wanted to think inside it. And she’s probably right, though I’ll admit, I’m kind of curious what’s in there.

I think a lot of things in the world are done strangely, and I don’t know why. Like:

  • Why, more than two years after you graduated, would anyone care where you went to school? I graduated from Boston College in 2008 and got a graduate degree at Notre Dame in 2010, but the living I’ve done in the last six days has more to do with who I am today than anything that long ago.
  • For that matter, why do schools exist at all? It isn’t as though students graduating from most of them actually have useful skills. “Public school” has become a euphemism for “free daycare.” If I have kids, I hope they never go to school.
  • What difference does it make whose signature has been on checks I’ve received? The State of Indiana, CICOA Aging & In-Home Solutions, the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, Grandma Bunny–why should I have pride if it’s been the same name for a long time? In that case, at least one of us must not be very adventurous. Or safe. Wouldn’t I be better off having lots of people paying me at the same time?
  • For that matter, why do most people put more emphasis on “having a job” than “making a living”? You can have either without the other, and I’d much rather have the latter.
  • Why are people expected to have “related interests”? Why can’t I enjoy knitting and martial arts and senior adults and Catholicism and ice hockey? Everybody on the hockey team gets so confused when I invite them to a chant schola performance. What gives?
  • Why are political choices expected to fit in black and white categories? Why can’t I oppose abortion AND the death penalty? Why are people confused that I think children brought to this country illegally shouldn’t have to be sent “home” to a place they don’t remember, but also that, if they are going to go to school, their families should be given opportunities to choose? And why if I disagree with someone about one topic am I not allowed to work with them on another?

I do some other things in different places around the internet. Please check them out if they sound interesting to you. If not, your life is too short to waste it on my ideas you find uninteresting.

  • Catholic Senior Ministry (catholicseniorministry.org), wherein I attempt to train parish catechetical leaders to evangelize and catechize older adults in their parishes.
  • Level Up Your Ledger (levelupyourledger.com), in which I try to teach nerds to kick buttocks in the personal finance…IRL.
  • Or Is That Just Me (oristhatjustme.org), where I relate the way I see the world through these carnival mirrors I have where my eyes should have been.

I think my life is meant to be lived. By me. That’s all I bring to anything. If you’re interested in following along, I hope you enjoy.